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Because of supporters like you, teachers, nurses and military will receive BeeKind2YourMind care packages showing them how much they are appreciated. Also middle school students will get access to mental health and anti-bullying education. 

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Donate at least $20 per month and receive your shirt.

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Take a photo in your Warr;or for Mental Health shirt.

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Share it and tag us @bccevolution #warriorformentalhealth

Become a Warrior for Mental Health

Sign up and donate $20 or more per month or $240 one-time and get a BCC Evolution "Warr;or for Mental Health"* T-shirt. Show the world that you are a warrior for mental health. If you do not select a size on the form, you will receive a size XL. 

Please note: This gift is limited to U.S. and Canada residents only. Non-U.S. and Canada residents who choose to donate will not receive the T-shirt. All shirts are Bella Canvas Unisex (men's sizes).

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*To receive the shirt (a $25 value), you must agree to have your credit card or bank account charged a minimum of $20 per month or $240 once. All shirts are Bella Canvas Unisex size (men's sizes).

Contributions to BCC Evolution are tax deductible, minus the value of the shirt. For T-shirt questions, please e-mail

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Your monthly gift sponsors teacher, students, nurses and active military and veterans. 

1 month donation

Sponsor 1 teacher, military or nurse BeeKind2YourMind care package box.

Or sponsor 1 middle school student for anti-bullying program. 

6 months of monthly donation

This will allow us to make 6 BeeKind2YourMind nurse or military care package boxes to be delivered twice per year or more depending on number of monthly donors. 

Or sponsor 6 middle school student for anti-bullying program. 

1 year of monthly donation

Sponsors 12 middle school student for anti-bullying program.


Or this will allow us to make 12 BeeKind2YourMind teacher care package boxes to be delivered yearly at the new teacher orientation. The goal is 300 boxes at each event. More boxes donated throughout the year to current teachers with more monthly donors. 

When you make a donation using this information, your donation will be used to provide education to middle school students, education program design and BeeKind2YourMind care packages for teachers, nurses and military.  Items listed here are a representative of services and supplies that are part of BCC Evolutions community programs. The cost of each item or service is an approximation, and will vary based on actual costs incurred and supply availability. Your donation will be used for the general operating needs of BCC Evolution, where we are supporting mental wellness through resources and education.